About M & K Therapy and Dr. Jill

Hello there! I am, Dr Jill, a health facilitator and coach. Why? My passion in life is helping others reach their goals. To address this passion I spent a long time on education to be a health care provider/consultant. Things have changed in healthcare, but my passion has not changed.

I am the owner and founder of M & K Therapy Associates. M & K = Mom & Kids for Work and Wellness was my first business endeavor. My first two employees and devoted supporters were my two daughters. Hence the name Mom & Kids.

I am running my own business and finally free from the pressure of “Having to Fit Into Someone Else’s Mold”. I do enjoy running my own clinic for Reflexology and Reiki treatments and my Life coach. I have worked with online marketing, but find it more rewarding to work in the healthcare field.

I am now a Life Coach Certified in Neurokinetics and Brainsweep Systems specializing in PTSD/Trauma. As a Life Coach I am able to work in person or through a HIPAA secure tele-med system to help people with the stresses resulting from trauma and PTSD. Unlike standard counseling this intervention promotes self reliance in the client without the potential to become dependent on the counselor. My clients report significant reduction in anxiety and other stress reactions after only one session. To learn more or to book a session or to subscribe to the radio shows please go to my Clinic Tab for all the details and links.

I have been in business for 20+ years as a therapist, more than 12 years as a therapy resource company, and over 10 years as a provider of quality health related products and as a Personal Business and Health Coach and Trainer. I have been hanging out with some amazing herbalists and love sharing some basic “home remedies” that I have learned over the past 40+ years. Early on in my Occupational Therapy Career I was the Occupational Therapy Consultant for the development of the Restorative Feeding Program Supplement to "Functional Maintenance Therapy System: Reimbursable Geriatric Service Delivery" (Aspen) in conjunction with Ms. Gail Neustadt, MA, CCC, SLP of Glickstein-Neustadt and Associates, 516 Harrogate Road, Pittaburgh, Pa. 15241, Aspen Press

The health related company that I affiliate with has 50+ years experience in developing and producing quality health related products. I have 25+ years as a Reflexologist – “Put your feet in my hands.”. I am a Reiki Master, an affiliate with Reiki International and am an associate with the Washington County Cancer Society [providing Reiki sessions at a reduced rate for current cancer patients.]

My hobbies include: 18th Century Living History, Backyard Beekeeping, Scottish Country Dance, English Country Dance, St George Adult Tamburitzan Ensemble, weaving [lace and shawls] and tatting [trims for clothing]

Want to know more about what makes me tick and what I value? Please check out my blog post “Who the heck is Dr Jill?” http://drjill-live.com/who-the-heck-is-dr-jill/ that I posted in January 2014 as part of a DEA Challenge class. Or scroll down for the copy and paste of that blog post.

My Drive

My overall passion is helping others reach their goals. Specifically giving people back their lives. It is so fun for me to see others stretch and grow – reaching their goals that they had thought were only dreams.
My professional passion is helping others live the life of their dreams as I am. I am a stay at home grandma working anywhere I please.
My personal passion is having fun with my family and my hobbies.
My health-related passion is promoting healthy living, life coaching, reviewing products and consulting. This healthy mission is to facilitate wellness by recommending products that are good for the environment and your health.

"Who the Heck is Dr Jill???"

This information was originally published at http://DrJill-Live.com/who-the-heck-is-dr-jill/ which was part of a Digetal Experts Acadamy Challenge Class back in 2014. The information stans true to this day. Here is that blog post. Who the Heck is Dr Jill??? Some folks have asked who is Dr Jill?  Never heard of her, what does she stand for, is she trustworthy or just another online scam artist, etc. Those are just a few of the comments I have had in the past when contacting people about my business.  As my business is expanding, and I am reaching out to more people in this busy online marketing business more questions may arise.  So I thought I would take a blog issue to give you some insight about  me – the real me behind these blogs. My Bio: In 1983, my first husband died and I became a widowed Mom of 2 daughters [10 yrs and 7 ½ yrs].  Before the children had come I had been an executive secretary, a career that I hated and felt smothered by.  Before my husband died I supplemented his Social Security Disability Income by decorating cakes, doing furniture restoration/refinishing, and altering clothing.  Things that I could do to make money without leaving home.  After my husband died, I did volunteer work in a variety of healthcare situations.  I had a hunch that I belonged working in healthcare and wanted to figure out where.  I loved my volunteer work in an Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation Department and looked into what it took to do that.  In 1990, I graduated from the Universityof Pittsburghwith a BS in Occupational Therapy and minor in Psychology [GPS 3.75 not bad for being out of school 17 years and taking all those medical level courses.]  I started working for a Rehabilitation Agency and loved it.  I realized that the psychology background I had was geared for a mental health hospital rather than counseling type help for patients with physical issues.  So I enrolled in California University of PA to get a couple more counseling classes so I could be a better Occupational Therapist.  Curiosity and the need to know more caused me to actually graduate with a MS in Counseling Psychology [GPA 4.0] in 1997.  I did become a better Occupational Therapist.  In 1996, I started my own Rehabilitation Agency and provided therapists [PT, OT, SLP] to 14 home health agencies.  By that time oldest daughter had graduated from college was in graduate school.  Youngest daughter had completed some college, was married and starting her own company.  Some federal health care regulation changes happened that caused some cut backs and I decided to grow more so I was continuing my formal education.  In 2000 I met Jim, who came dancing into my life with his kilt swinging – we met at Scottish Country Dance in Pittsburgh.  In 2003 I got my PhD from the UniversalLifeChurch, Modesto CA to enable me to focus more on counseling.  I did some independent counseling, consulting in the health care field.  More health care changes and I felt that it was time to apply some of the “adaptability” that I had been preaching to my patients for years and took the plunge into online marketing.  There were several attempts that failed.  The failures were due to lack of good planning and sequential education – most of these had good products, but their training was a couple of meetings with your upline and making a “list of friends and family” to talk to.  That was not working well at all.  I joined Carbon Copy Pro [a Jay Kubassek company] followed him into ProU and into Six Figure Mentors [SFM with Stuart Ross] and the DigitalExpertsAcademy[DEA].  I am delighted to be where I am now as I feel confident growing my business and helping others to grow their businesses with the excellent training and tools.  And the bonus is that I am perusing my passion while working. My Core Values: I am honest in my interactions with others and expect the truth from others. I do not make an idle promises or threats in business or life. What you see is what you get - no fake stuff. I am very organized, I do my best work with a plan – I prefer to have things in their place to avoid distractions.  I enjoy creating or following organized step by step directions in a plan that flow together towards the end goal. I am compassionate with other people’s situations and problems.  That was a quality that has served me well as an occupational therapist and a counselor.  I know we all make the best decisions we can for ourselves, but sometimes these decisions do not have the expected outcomes and people need support not judgment during these times. I am determined [rather stubborn some say] I focus on my goals and work steadily towards them.  I will seek out information and a team to reach those goals. I am independent in that I will pay my own way – I will always be able to say “I did that!” I take responsibility for my actions [wise and unwise] – I make no excuses.  I may have reasons for my actions, but no excuses. My Passion:  When I was searching for a health care profession, I did not realize what my passion in life was.  So when I decided to shift into online marketing as a part-time to full time career, I had some problems.  Not only was there no training – remember I was used to sequential technical training for my therapy career and had the belief that was the way it was supposed to be – but I was uncomfortable smoozing others into parting with their money that sales seemed to be.  I worked through a lot of journaling with my psychology books in hand to assess and get to the bottom of “what I wanted – what made me happy”.  Without boring you with all those details, I will just jump to the finish line.  My passion in life is helping others reach their goals.  That was the reason I was such a successful therapist with neurological and orthopedic specialties and the reason I would succeed in online marketing of educational products. I would not be selling but showing the way for other people to reach their goals! So if you relate to my values and my passion in life, I would like to have you as a friend.  Whether or not you want to join my business is not the issue – surrounding myself with like minded people is the issue.