About Dr. Jill

Hello there! I am, Dr Jill, a health facilitator and coach. Why? My passion in life is helping others reach their goals. To address this passion I spent a long time on education to be a health care provider/consultant. Things have changed in healthcare, but my passion has not changed.

I am the owner and founder of M & K Therapy Associates. M & K = Mom & Kids for Work and Wellness was my first business endeavor. My first two employees and devoted supporters were my two daughters. Hence the name Mom & Kids.

I am running my own business and finally free from the pressure of “Having to Fit Into Someone Else’s Mold”. I do enjoy running my own clinic for Reflexology and Reiki treatments and I am pursuing my online business.

I have been in business for 20+ years as a therapist, more than 12 years as a therapy resource company, and over 10 years as a provider of quality health related products and as a Personal Business and Health Coach and Trainer. I have been hanging out with some amazing herbalists and love sharing some basic “home remedies” that I have learned over the past 40+ years.

The health related company that I affiliate with has 50+ years experience in developing and producing quality health related products. I have 25+ years as a Reflexologist – “Put your feet in my hands.”. I am a Reiki Master, an affiliate with Reiki International and am an associate with the Washington County Cancer Society [providing Reiki sessions at a reduced rate for current cancer patients.]

My hobbies include: 18th Century Living History, Backyard Beekeeping, Scottish Country Dance, English Country Dance, St George Adult Tamburitzan Ensemble, weaving [lace and shawls] and tatting [trims for clothing]

Want to know more about what makes me tick and what I value? Please check out my blog post “Who the heck is Dr Jill?” that I posted in January 2014 as part of a DEA Challenge class.

My Drive

My overall passion is helping others reach their goals. It is so fun for me to see others stretch and grow – reaching their goals that they had thought were only dreams.
My professional passion is helping others live the life of their dreams as I am. I am a stay at home grandma working anywhere I please.
My personal passion is having fun with my family and my hobbies.
My health-related passion is promoting healthy living, reviewing products and consulting. This healthy mission is to facilitate wellness by recommending products that are good for the environment and your health.