How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC – Part 2.

How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC – Part 2.

cooling tips mini fanWhen 100-degree heatwaves strike, should you close windows or leave them open? How do you keep the upstairs cool naturally?

Sit back with a glass of ice tea and practice using that old paper fan correctly.  Move it languidly not fast!  Practice with your non-dominant hand so you can actually do something with your dominant hand – like scrolling down to read more.

Some strategic fan use:

If you own your home and there are only a few nights a year when the outside air doesn’t get cool enough for sleeping, you can take advantage of cool outdoor temperatures even more effectively by installing a built-in, whole-house exhaust fan. It will exchange all the air in your home in just a few minutes. A less-expensive option is an attic fan designed to just vent heat out of the attic. You buy an attic fan that comes with a small solar panel and runs only when the sun shines (which is pretty much when you need it). They’re easy to install, no wiring involved. [The solar one may be possible to use in a rental home pushing air out gable vent and is easily removed when you move.]

You can also use portable fans or ceiling fans to make yourself more comfortable indoors (or even on a porch or patio); the moving air evaporates moisture off your skin and takes some heat with it. Since fans don’t change the temperature of the air—they just cool whoever’s in the breeze—be sure to turn them off when no one is there to enjoy them. While running fans does take electricity, it’s just a fraction of the power an AC unit uses.

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