How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC – Part 5.

How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC – Part 5.

cooling tips insulationWhen 100-degree heatwaves strike, should you close windows or leave them open? How do you keep the upstairs cool naturally?

Sit back with a glass of ice tea and practice using that old paper fan correctly.  I do hope you have been practicing as it works well.  Just remember to move it languidly not fast!  Practice with your non-dominant hand so you can actually do something with your dominant hand – like scrolling down to read more.

Insulate Your House
The fewer air leaks and the more insulation you have, the easier it will be to keep your house cool in the summer (and warm in the winter). Sealing air leaks is often inexpensive and pays off fast in lower energy bills. Adding insulation is more of an up-front investment, but can also have a pretty fast payback, as it also saves you money year-round.

cooling tips summer kitchen buildingAs you make your home less leaky, it becomes even more important not to add heat to the indoor air. The middle of a hot afternoon is not the time to roast a chicken or run the dishwasher. Save oven and stovetop cooking for summer evenings or early mornings. Use your microwave instead, or cook outdoors (our great-greats had summer kitchens in separate buildings for a good reason).

I personally do not use a microwave as I have enough biochemistry background to be very uncomfortable with what these devices do to our food to make it less than healthy.

I don’t have a separate cook building, but I have one of those large electric roasters that I take outside to the garage.  I have found that I can bake a cake, roast a roast or turkey, do baked casseroles in the roaster.  I have an electric skillet that I also take out there to do the pan fry stuff.  Just don’t use an electrical appliance outside on an open patio where rain or sprinkler or a squirt gun fight could cause a short and result in a nasty shock!cooling tips summer kitchen

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