Stop The Ants From Marching In……….

Stop The Ants From Marching In……….

ant trailsHave a path made by ants in your kitchen or anywhere in your home?????  Want to put up a road block  Here is what you do to make a bait trap that really works and will eliminate the ant hill they live in.

You will need a disposable small plastic container [small leftovers type container with lid], boric acid [drug stores have it], sugar, cotton balls.

Soak the cotton balls in this solution: 2 cups of water, 6 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon boric acid. Mix to completely dissolve.

Now take the containers and punch some holes on the sides near the bottom.  Put the cotton balls in and secure lids so the “bait” does not dry out.  Place on those ant trails inside and outside.  Wait and have patience!!!  They will carry the mild toxin back to their nest to share and soon all ants will be gone!




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