PTSD & Other Bad Memory Issues – Not Mental Illness!

PTSD & Other Bad Memory Issues Are Not Mental Illness!

mental stress brain issueFor years PTDS and other recurring memories that trigger discomfort were thought to be mental illness or the result of a weak mind.  The medical opinion is accepting that it is a physical brain issue not a mental illness.  These types of Bad Memory Issues [the severely debilitating ones are diagnosed as PTSD] are actually the result of an event that made synapse connections in the brain that are very strong and negative.  These synapse connections can be reactivated by a trigger making the person re-experience the emotional and mental trauma that resulted from the event.  This is a cycle that can be broken effectively with a process called Prolympian coaching.

I have been accepted to the training program for Prolympian coaching.  Part of my training requires that I use the protocol to the letter with some volunteers who have a bad memory or two that bugs them.  Participating in this study to help me with my training is free – the only thing asked is that the clients from this training go to the company web site register as a client and answer 5 questions for 28 days.  The results of this survey will help show the insurance companies that this program works and facilitate the pathway for this treatment being covered by medical insurance.

Potential volunteers please note:  During the training you are discouraged from sharing the memory that is a problem with you with your coach!  So you do not have to reveal anything!  You will just be asked to bring up a memory, assign a discomfort scale number to it and then participate in the coaching.  The coaches never see the clients responses to the 5 questions asked in the client survey online.  Again, privacy maintained.

So I am looking for volunteers to help me practice my training!  It can be done in person or online by Skype or Google Hangout.   Please Contact Me if you are interested in helping me help you as well as others.  Thanks so much for considering it.

Once Certified in the Prolympian Coaching program I will be working with Veterans and others with PTDS – helping people – working to give folks their lives back.  This is such a passion of mine, I look forward to being certified and helping others.

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