Trauma Can Negatively Affect Quality of Life

Trauma Can Negatively Affect Quality of Life

Stress Trauma

There is an alternative to counseling.  I have completed my Neurokinetics Certification.  Prolympian techniques can do in 22 minutes what you can not do in 22 years of traditional counseling.  Why? Counseling works with the mind and Prolympian works only with the brain AND PTSD is a brain [electrical neuron activity] issue.

As a Prolympian Life Enhancement Coach, Certified in Neurokinetics.   I am able to work in person or through a secure tele-med system to help people with the stresses resulting from trauma and PTSD.  Unlike standard counseling the Prolympian Training promotes self reliance in the client without the potential to become dependent on the counselor.  AND we accept pseuronyms [instead of real names] for clients who could lose their jobs if they admitted that they needed help.  To learn more about what Prolympian’s Neurokinteics Program is all about, please go to:   To book a session please go to:



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