PTSD/Trauma Radio is Live!

PTSD/Trauma Radio Is Live!

Want to learn how to manage various types of PTSD resulting from trauma? First responders, Veterans, victims of domestic violence and incest, victims of school violence or threats [students as well as teachers] and more issues are covered on our Radio Broadcasts.  The broadcasts will be free from July 20th through August 11, 2017.  After that the subscription will be $5 per month for unlimited access.  Go to  to register and listen to the informative sessions that actually teach you specific techniques to minimize the symptoms of stress: anxiety, sleep disturbance, self isolation, mood swings and more.

If you have any questions or comments about the radio shows that run non-stop let me know.  For folks that like what they hear and desire Life Coaching, I am available as are others who are certified.

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