Weight Loss Without the Stress!

Weight Loss Without The Stress

WOW I am soooo excited! M & K Therapy has contracted with a highly respected expert in the field of weight management to do WEEKLY online classes for $10 per week. Lots less expensive than those fancy diet foods and drugs. Healthy Weight and Self Image – Instead of using archaic dieting practices, this intervention uses 21st century neurokinetic science to reset the BRAIN to BODY messaging that determines eating habits. Each aspect of the messaging system is reset: urges, cravings, hunger, appetite, serving sizes, nutrient needs, and more. The BRAIN does not view weight loss or gain the same way the MIND does. The BRAIN views unhealthy weight as a threat to your survival. Weight loss (or gain for the underweight) is rapid and consistent. Classes are Tuesday evenings 5pm-6:30pm Pacific time [8pm-9:30pm Eastern Time, 7pm-8:30 Central, 6pm-7:30pm Mountain] Cost is $10 per weekly class and you continue as long as you want to or need to – there is no long term contract. paypal.me/DrJillSM the $10 and I will send you the link to enter the class. It is just that easy. SO COME LOSE WITH ME!  PS:  I started last week and am down 5 pounds [I know first loss is water more than fat, but any loss is a good start].

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