Articles/Videos of Interest


This page will have articles that I have found interesting.  They are all health related with focus on reflexology and other complimentary treatments.

Your shoes are hurting you more than you know:

Research – Evidenced Based Studies on Reflexology Benefits:


Anxiety? Depression?  Here is a Brainsweep video that will include some of the very effective interventions that help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance.

Reflexology Videos: The links below are some examples of reflexology sessions to give you an idea of what reflexology is.  I will be doing my own videos as I can – these are a few good examples.

Reflexology and back pain

Reflexology and Stress Relief

Reflexology Demo  Reflexolgy works on these 3 types of blockages in the body:  congestion and inflammation and tension.

Reflexology and Strokes video records of Kevin and Barbara Kunz, Reflexologists in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pain After a Diagnoses


Challenging Skin Conditions [Shingles etc] What to do?

Pain Management Opioids and Topricin

Pain and Fibromyalgia what to do

Product Videos

One of Modere’s  Videos –And another video on the background and how it works…  reduce pain and have better skin and more…   

Contact me if you have any questions about this product or go to my affiliate site for Modere.

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