M & K Therapy in conjunction with The Medina Agency is offering online classes.

Tired of prescriptions to “fix” your problems?  Want to work more naturally and make your brain and body work on the your areas of concern?  We now have several classes, each with a different focus all on health and self image and inner peace.  The classes are $10 per class per week – lots less expensive than some weight loss diet foods, sleeping pills, pain pills, or self medication with alcohol or other street drugs.  There is no contract for a certain number of classes – you take them on a weekly basis and stop when you are done.  No pressure at all.

All you have to do is go to paypal and and let me know your name and email address and which class by name and date you want to be enrolled for and post this in your pay pal notes section   I will send you the link to register/join the class.  At the link enter your name as the participant and the info it asks for and list me as the referring coach.  Jill Moncilovich, PhD  That is it, so very easy.


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