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scales balancedStress Management = Balance = Free From Di-stress and Dis-ease?

Optimal Function is promoted by a balance of its system’s components.  A balance that is sought after in all types of systems around us.  For example:  Static electricity and lightning is the positive and negative charges seeking balance on an atomic level.  On a galactic level; balanced gravitational pulls on all celestial bodies keeps our planet in place.   Balance on the level of  human beings promotes wellness and good functional relationships between the 4 intertwined components.

What are these intertwined components?
Biological Component [our physical being and our genetic tendencies] Psychological Component [our mental and emotional status] Social Component [our interactions with each other and our strong need to belong to a group of others]. Spiritual Component [our belief that there is something more outside ourselves, a purpose for being, a higher power at the root of the life process.]

How do components function affect the total systems balance?
Focus on one area or component of the system and neglecting any or many of the other components results in imbalance or dis-stress to the total system, which can result in dis-ease.

A polluted pond/lake is an example of ecological dis-stress resulting from an economic focus while ignoring the function of the components in this environment and the resulting impact.  The dis-stressed pond becomes non functional (non life supporting) .

A person in a state of dis-stress has a lack of balance in one or more components of his living system.  Dis-ease is the term applied to many of the results of dis-stress in people.  The focus of all my treatments is on promoting balance regardless of which component is out of balance [the root of the dis-stress and dis-ease].  Why? I do not know what the real source of the problem is.  Was the broken arm the result of just an accident? OR Was it the result of a person being under enough emotional/spiritual/social dis-stress that the person was unable to pay attention to the environment and fell?  It could be either way.  And the balance of the 4 components is what is needed for optimal health.


reflexology footReflexology

Reflexology as developed by Eunice D. Ingham, has its roots in “The Zone Theory”. Zone or Meridians show the relationship of reflexes in the feet to all of the glands and organs in the body.  These meridians can be compared to the wiring in a house as pathways through the body that have reflex points  in the feet or hands.reflexology meridians

“Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body.”



  • reflexology feetDOES: Relieve Stress and Tension, Improve Nerve and Blood Supply, Improves Lymphatic function and Promotes the Unblocking of Nerve Impulses and Helps Nature to Normalize [Homeostasis]
  • DOES NOT: Diagnose, Prescribe, Treat For Any Specific Condition in Writing.

“Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on these reflex areas.  Reflexology includes, but is not limited to: relieving stress and tension, improving blood supply, improve lymphatic function and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses. to help nature achieve homeostasis.” (Dwight C. Byers from Better Health With Foot Reflexology)  Since over 75% of disease is attributed to stress and tension reacting on various body systems, reflexology is a powerful tool for better health.  Stress and tension do create blockages in optimal body system operation.  These blockages are reflected in the reflex points on the feet and hands.  Through proper stimulation a more normal balance is promoted.  Reflexology is NOT a replacement for proper medical care. 

Is Reflexology real?  A research study with MRI to validate.


reiki hands light ballReiki aka Spiritual Energy Therapy

What is Reiki [Spiritual Energy Therapy]?  SET or Spiritual Energy Therapy is an expansion of the older traditional Usui  System of Natural Healing (Reiki).  It has its roots in Tibet, but has spread to all continents and cultures.   Although the modality is cosmically spiritual it is not connected with any specific religious doctrine.  Reiki translated means Spiritually Guided Life Energy.  This Life Energy is drawn through the Practitioner’s hands effecting changes in the chemical structure of the body and  emotions.  It is used lovingly to support inner balance and relaxation which in turn supports physical and emotional healing and other positive changes.  It is NOT a replacement for any professional medical or psychological treatment.  Reiki & Spiritual Energy Therapy (S.E.T.) supports traditional medical/psychological processes by supporting the person holistically.  The client is given the opportunity to relax (fully clothed) on a treatment table, listen to soft music while the Reiki Master or Practitioner or Spiritual Energy Therapy Master or Practitioner places their hands on or over the client’s body and works with light energy to provide relaxation and energy field balance. Thus reducing stress and promoting health.

Why I offer significantly reduced cost to cancer patients undergoing chemo and or radiation is explained by research studies.  An example is a study of reiki treatments and cancer patients as published in Massage Magazine.



perkl light energy spa feel the lightPerkl-Light Energy Spa

This is a portable light device.  It can be programmed with specific light spectrum settings to promote healing of specific body/emotional/environmental systems. Perkl-Light Energy spa is NOT a medical device.  It is a chi-generating device.  When tuned into a body part, body system or process or an aspect of your conscious or energy field you are directing chi toward that body part [etc] for the purpose of raising its vibration.  For example a setting related to the pancreas is not intended to heal the pancreas in a medical sense, but rather, to send chi to it and thereby, raise its vibration.  Spirit and your body will determine how to best utilize the chi, for your highest good. It is NOT a substitute for proper medical care.


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bamboo fusion packageBamboo-Fusion Stress Management Chair Massage:

Not offered at this time due to changes in Occupational Therapy Licensure Laws.  May be offered again at a later date.

Bamboo-Fusion was developed by Natalie Cecilia.  It is a method of using specially designed shapes of bamboo to provide deep tissue work while preserving the practitioner’s hands.  The deep work results in decreased of muscle tightness and fluid retention an increased feeling of well being and frequently pain reduction. Massage of any type is NOT a substitute for proper medical care. This is a massage provided while fully clothed and seated on a special massage chair.

bamboo fusion chair massage


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