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I am moving from my South Main Street, Washington, PA location at the end of May 2017.  Please email or phone for my new location.

PTSD/Trauma Radio:

Want to learn how to manage various types of PTSD resulting from trauma? First responders, Veterans, victims of domestic violence and incest, victims of school violence or threats [students as well as teachers] and more issues are covered on our Radio Broadcasts.  The broadcasts will be free from July 19th through August 11, 2017.  After that the subscription will be $5 per month for unlimited access.  Go to   to register and listen to the informative sessions that actually teach you specific techniques to minimize the symptoms of stress: anxiety, sleep disturbance, self isolation, mood swings and more.

M & K Therapy has a Community Service Fundraising Opportunity!

Know a charity, organization or cause to benefit others that would like to raise funds for their cause AND be of service to the Community?  Brainsweep Systems Radio has the way to do both.  All you need to do is to go to and register as a “Cause”  to listen for $5 per month. What is a “Cause”?  A cause is a 501-c-3 company, a registered charity OR a teacher who spends part of her/his paycheck to buy school supplies for their students.  So sign up as a “Cause” and share your link with others.  20% of the monthly fees will be donated to your cause.  You will have the opportunity to compete for the One Million Dollar give away!  All you have to do is share on your space in the radio section how the money is used and benefits your cause.  There will be a vote by all participants [whether a cause or an individual] and in August 2018 the winner of the One Million Dollar prize will be selected.  What are you and your cause waiting for??? Go sign up and earn money for your cause now. Contact me and ask me to send you the full digital flyer with all details.

I am certified in Neurokinetics and in Brainsweep Systems Inc:

As a PTSD/Trauma Life Coach and an affiliate of Brainsweep Systems Inc,  Did you know that PTSD is NOT a mental illness or a mind issue?  It is a brain issue and your brain has one function “keep you alive”.  This intervention is drug free and works with the brain to significantly reduce the symptoms of PTSD/Trauma.  I am able to work in person or through a secure tele-med system to help people with the stresses resulting from trauma and PTSD.  Unlike standard counseling the Brain Sweep System  promotes self reliance in the client without the potential to become dependent on the counselor.  The intervention is non-disclosure [you do not have to tell me about the incident that caused the trauma] and first responders can come to us with a pseudonym, and we work from a HIPAA secure tele-med system [so you do not have to be seen walking into a counseling office or leave your home to come to me – it is face to face online.] To learn more about what PTSD/Trauma Life Coaching with  Neurokinteics is all about, please go to:   To book a session please go to: 

How does it really work?  Check out the testimonials on the web site or call me!  All of us coaches have to become clients before we can be certified so we all know that it works and how it works.

Recruiting Community Life Enhancement Coaches:

If you’re someone who is committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of others who have and continue to give their lives to being of service to humankind, are willing to be THOROUGHLY TRAINED in delivering a BREAKTHROUGH INTERVENTION process that doesn’t require medications or therapy and is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in reducing the symptoms of PTSD, you MIGHT be who we’re looking for to join us. There’s one more criterion to consider… due to the enormous threat this intervention process is to the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric and psychological industries, you also need to be someone who is willing to be a “David” against the “Goliaths” that HAVE BEEN and will continue to do whatever they can to ensure that we fail because they want to continue making money from the suffering of others! Think in terms of “Mission Impossible.” This is NOT for the faint of heart! But it IS a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Once trained and certified your starting earnings are $100 per hour. If you think you’re up for the task and would like to explore further, please contact me to set up an interview [and receive more information] via Tele-med please call Dr Jill at 724-315-7189 or email through the contact form on this site. [Please leave a message if I am with a client and unable to answer].

Confused? Want to Know More About Stress and Reflexology?

I have discovered that everyone feels stressed, but they do not appear to understand the ramifications of stress and not doing anything about it.  So what am I going to do about it? I have decided to offer my time to do presentations to Social Groups and to do some pod casts to provide information on stress, what it is, what it can do to you, some stress management controls, and how reflexology fits into that picture.   If you are a member of a social group – do let me know!  Speaking can be done live in person, live through skype or hangouts, or recorded pod casts.  Contact me for scheduling and to see what the fees might be for your group. [sliding fee scale available]

Dr. Jill says, “Put your feet in my hands for stress relief and body systems balance.”

I provide body system balancing sessions and relaxation sessions in person at my Washington, PA clinic with Reflexology, Reiki.  Although I have been an Occupational Therapist and Counselor,  I have had my Complimentary Treatment practice since 1986 [before my Occupational Therapy Degree] and have enjoyed every minute of working as a healing facilitator focusing on stress management. reflexology foot Reflexology and Reiki both address energy and body systems re-balancing and have the bonus of being stress reduction treatments. It is my philosophy that my treatments facilitate the clients systemic harmony [balancing their body systems] and reducing stress, which works to promote their best state of being.  75% of all diseases have their root cause in stress!  These treatments do work to compliment the medical professional’s treatments and recommendations.  For clients with serious medical issues, I insist that they continue to see and follow their physician’s treatment plan as I am NOT a medical doctor to diagnose specific problems.   I will be assisting my client’s  harmony and balance which will work well with their physician’s treatment. [See Glossary 4 Clinic for details.]


I took classes in Reflexology from May Post who studied directly under Eunice Ingham [originator of Reflexology in USA] I received my International Certificate March 20, 1987 and I am continuing my Reflexology education with the modern certification program in preparation for licensing.   Licensing will be coming in the next few years and I will be ready!  I received my Level 1 Reiki training Nov 17, 1996 and Level 2 March 9 1997 from Karen Mellon and Level 3 Teaching Master February 1, 1999 from Holly Gessler.  So that is 26+ years experience in the complimentary treatment field.  Some of my clients have included physicians.  [For Health Tips.] Three years ago I added Perk-L light energy spa sessions to my treatment bag of skills and have enjoyed watching the differences it can make. I see clients in my  clinic space at 157 South Main Street, Washington, PA  for Reflexology, Reiki [hands on] and Perk-L light energy spa sessions.  I am registered at Thumbtack for my clinic sessions: “M & K Therapy Associates” And please use the contact form to arrange an appointment or to ask questions about the services.

On-Site Corporate Bookings

I am willing to travel to a corporate location to provide services for employees.  Please “contact me” for pricing and availability. For folks further away, I do offer distance work with Reiki.  Use the contact form to arrange an appointment or to submit questions.

Testimonial Request: Good or bad – please be honest!  Post a review on my thumbtack site and/or, post a review on Google for my company  Pricing Information for those that are serious about taking an active role in their health & balance:

PayPal, cash, money order or check only.

Please Note: Cancellations of less than 12 hours may incur a 50% cancellation fee.

 Hands On Clinic:

  • Reflexology  $40 for 45 minutes
  • Reiki mini sessions $25 for 15 minutes
  • Reiki full sessions $60 for 55 minutes
  • Perk-L light energy spa added to any of above $15-25
  • for an additional fee house calls may be possible
  • See specials  for discounts

Reiki Distance Sessions

$40 per 20 min. session by way of tele-med system or will include a follow up 10 minute phone call or Facebook Private message or Google+ or skype private communication followup.

For Patients Undergoing Chemo-Therapy

I do offer significantly reduced rates for Reiki sessions.  I must be able to confirm current treatment with your physician before sessions. Reiki provided during the course of chemotherapy has been known to reduce the nausea and other uncomfortable side effects of the treatment.  Sorry, it will not restore your hair, just help you feel a bit better during the chemo treatments.  This can be hands on in clinic or distance sessions.

Packages and Specials Available Here  – Click to see how to get one of a variety of discounts.

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