Laughter Is….

You have heard it said that laughter is the best medicine.  Well it is really true.  It is not just that it chases the emotional storm clouds away, but it actually alters your brain chemistry.  With hard body shaking belly laughter that lasts 25 to 35 seconds there is a massive release of endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals in your brain.  What does that mean?  Less pain, less anxiety, less stress related physical responses AND better health.

So let’s get healthy and laugh!  If you need to “prime the laughter pump” try watching some of these videos.  Let me know what you think and if you have an especially funny video to share send me the link from my contact form and I will include it on this page.

Dr Jill’s Laughter Video Collection:

Red Skelton:

Contagious laughter on subway woman starts it and guy is embarrassed:

Helium beer commercial:

Silly Walks:

Contagious laughter on subway guy starts it:

It’s story time narration:

Cats and mirror:

Dancing grandma on steps:

Kitty and stuffed tiger:

Carol Burnett Monkey Man

Silly animal videos:,-YOU-LOSE—The-funniest-ANIMAL-videos-ever!/#.WIZs8fkrJdh

Kestral video bomber:

Cat compilation of hilarity:

Tim Conway as a dentist:

Hilarious dog training with the best! From Carole Burnett show:

Jeanie Robertson on Left brain and Hawaii:

Tim Conway – Oldest Fireman:—-Carol-Burnett-Show/#.WfX52GhSzIV

Jeannne Robertson:  “Don’t Snap an Elephant to a Tree”

Jeanne Robertson:  “The Baton”

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