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In addition to my research on business resources, I am committed to helping people keep their 50’s and 60’s+ golden [healthy and fun].  All products are recommended in Health Tips are natural and have been reviewed for effectiveness.



 Dr Jill offers reflexology,  Reiki and Perkl-Light Energy Spa Treatments. See Clinic Tab for more information.. What are these treatments? See Glossary for details. Use Contact Form to ask questions and to schedule sessions. On-Site Corporate Bookings: I am willing to travel to a corporate location to provide services for employees.  Please “contact me” for pricing.Reiki – Spiritual Energy Therapy – Available as Distance Sessions.   As a Reiki Master I offer distant treatments.  Reiki is a gentle healing through balancing of energy of the body, emotional, spiritual components of a person or animal.  For info on Reiki: see Glossary 4 Clinic.  Cost is $40 per 20 min tele-med session or 10 minute follow up phone call or Facebook, IM or google + IM. Use Contact Form to ask questions and to schedule sessions.

“Aches and Pains?”

Topricin_2oz_BoxThis all natural product helps relieve aches and pains resulting from every day living or the pain resulting from participating in activities like you were 20 instead of your true age! Forget the chemicals and artificial heat or cold.  Step into the healing world of herbs and plants.  For stubborn knee issues, apply Topricin liberally then wrap your knee in plastic wrap before going to bed.  Do this for a couple of weeks and be amazed how good your knee feels. Note can be used instead of or in conjunction with pain meds or as part of a step down from the strong pain meds. NEW Video from Topricin on Pain management – a work shop – free to view.  To order Topricin from me go to: TOPRICIN  @ CHECKOUT PUT MY CODE IN: DRJILL25  By doing that you will be ordering directly from me AND you will receive a 25% discount.  Thank you!

Is there a Healthy Energy Drink?

 Yes there is an energy drink that is healthy, tastes good has NO GMOs, NO dairy, NO gluten, loaded with anti-oxidents.  Drinking Tria you will NOT experience the jitters or have the caffeine crashes like other energy drinks.  All the details and ordering on Tria.  

BABY BOOMERS ATTEND Jusuru To Feel Better:

 A product has been developed to distribute through Jusuru that helps reduce joint pain, reduce aging and wrinkling of skin, decrease recovery time after athletic training, and increase energy, watch this video for more info. To learn more go to this site and scroll to the bottom to view the videos and don’t forget to check out the scientific board’s video.

 How To Write Your Own Exemption from ObamaCare!

  Concerned about the higher prices and lower care levels with the healthcare reform?  This is a way for Christians to “opt out” of the bureaucratic system.  It is founded on biblical principles of Christians taking care of Christians.  Check into it if you are a Christian, as this may be exactly what you are looking for.

Healthy Body & Home 

Shaklee:  Shaklee Video: Your resource store for supplements that have been researched by an independent laboratory, water purification products and environmentally healthy cleaning products  Visit my site for more information.


The Stick:

I have used “The Stick” before Scottish Country Dance, before any exertion activity and after for a warm up and cool down. As an Occupational therapist I have used it and recommended its use to recover from injury as well as relieve pain.  Click the picture to learn more.   finger fitness videoWeak, Tired Hands? Want to improve and maintain hand function?  Excellent for musicians, athletes, massage therapists, keyboard operators to increase function and combat wear and tear of improperly maintained hands.  Check out the Hand Gruru Greg Irwin’s exercise programs and supplies.


Health Quizzes:

lifestyle balanceI offer a FREE health quiz: “Are You Poisoning Your Future” to help you assess your health potential. Schedule your Personal Nutritional Supplement Consultation with the Wellness Profile Questionnaire by “Contact Us” with your request.   LIFE 

Cold Weather Tip: For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing temperatures: mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid and 1 Tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a half-gallon of hot/warm water and pour over steps and sidewalks.  They will not re-freeze.  Also put your sneakers, jogging shoes, tennis shoes away for the winter!  In very cold weather the rubber soles become stiffer and you get a lot less traction on slippery surfaces.  Warm Weather Outdoor Tip: Don’t be annoyed by stinging insects this summer and don’t worry about the chemicals either!  There are several chemical free insect repellents.  Rub citronella geranium leaves or lemon grass on your skin.   Don’t like that smell?  Try mixing 1 part pure vanilla extract [not flavoring] with 1 part water – mix well and apply generously – you might make folks near you crave cupcakes but the bugs won’t sting. As for ticks, I found this helpful information at RodalePress about keeping ticks off of you and Lyme Disease out of your yard. BE SAFE FROM LYME DISEASE:see my blog post on this.

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