Trauma/PTSD Coaching

Coming soon detailed information page covering the following:   What is PTSD?  What are the symptoms?  Did you know that 60% of Americans experience some symptoms of PTSD without ever having a diagnosis?

Experienced Trauma or PTSD events that are negatively affecting your quality of life?

As a PTSD/Trauma Life Enhancement Coach, Certified in Neurokinetics.   I am able to work in person or through a secure tele-med system to help people with the stresses resulting from trauma and PTSD.  Unlike standard counseling the Brain Sweep Systems Training promotes self reliance in the client without the potential to become dependent on the counselor.  Why?  Counseling works with the mind and the Neurokinetics Techniques work with the brain.  To learn more about what PTSD Life Coaching with  Neurokinteics Program is all about, please go to:  Coaching    To book a session please go to:  Paypal is available to pay for sessions.

PTSD/Trauma Radio:

New Shows Scheduled to start soon.

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