Product Informational Videos

One of Jusuru’s Videos –And another video on the background and how it works…  reduce pain and have better skin and more…   

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Challenging Skin Conditions [Shingles etc] What to do?

Pain Management and Topricin

Pain and Fibromyalgia what to do


Pain After a Diagnoses



Reflexology Videos: The links below are some examples of reflexology sessions to give you an idea of what reflexology is.  I will be doing my own videos as I can – these are a few good examples.

Reflexology and back pain

Reflexology and Stress Relief

Reflexology Demo  Reflexolgy works on these 3 types of blockages in the body:  congestion and inflammation and tension.

Reflexology and Strokes video records of Kevin and Barbara Kunz, Reflexologists in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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